Funny Chic-Fil-A Video

Just got a new Chic-Fil-A restaurant in our neighborhood (really on the edge of the city, but momma always said beggars can’t be choosers!).  Stopped in for lunch, and it was banging as always.  Here is a funny chic-fil-a video a friend sent me in honor of  our new fast food joint!

“Without Ceasing”

The amount of hours that the average person consumes media and communication through TV, Computer/Internet, Mp3’s, radio, and cell phones are astronomical.  Many teens express that their social lives would end if they no longer had their phones.  Most of us feel that we NEED these things and can’t go with out them.  If we were to leave the house and drive for 20 minutes and then realize that we forgot our phone at home, most of us would turn back around to get it.  Media and technology are a 24/7 constant part of many of our lives. The unconscious motto many live by is “media and technology without ceasing”.

If we were to leave the house without communion with God, would we turn around to correct the situation.  Is God a life line that we can not go without.  Do you feel like you NEED  constant communication with God?  The apostle Paul calls us to “pray without ceasing”.  It is the constant awareness and communion with God everywhere we go.  What connection is most important for you, staying connected with technology and media or staying connected with God who is the only source of life-giving sustenance?

How are you balancing your life in the midst of Facebook, texting, farmville, wikipedia, google, skype, TV, Ipod, netflix, and your free mobile to mobile calling plan? Freestyle with me…



If you have not noticed, I have joined the twitter community and have added twitter to the top right hand of my blog as well.  Follow me now on twitter under the name Freestylogian and stay up on freestyle in the moment.

Freestyle Browsing

Want the desktop web browsing experience on your smart phone?  You are going to want to cop skyfire then! I’ve had it for almost a year now in beta form.  It allows you to watch videos, its blazing fast, and it is like surfing the web on your regular computer.  Oh, did I mention that it is free?  Yes, so go head and put the mobile IE and Opera mobile to shame, and enjoy skyfire.  What are you waiting for, start freestyle browing now!

Freestyle technology…

I can stream live from my cell phone using software from What practical use will I have for this… probably none (but ya never know), but for a cell phone addict like myself it is one piece of forbidden fruit I had to bite into. If I happen to be actually streaming (odds are slim) when you are on my page you will get a view of my life in freestyle, no editing, all done in the moment!!! Lucky for you, whatever I captured last will also be able to be watched by pressing play!