Making Trouble…

Rugged Cross I was really struggling the other day and continue to do so. When I talk to a lot of Christians I feel like I am always “edgy” to some degree.  And I begin to wonder if I really ought to be so controversial.  I mean, we are the body of Christ, so why am I always stirring the pot. At times, it can seem devicive. And so I must wrestle with myself and my role I often play among the body of Christ.

On the other hand, I read about Christ according to the four gospels.  And Jesus while very much a loving person, was constantly creating moments of tension, acting out at times, and at times infuriating some of those around Him.  It seems clear that Jesus’ philosphy was comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. The religious, political, and economically powerful of his time were always being challenged whether directly or indirectly.  Jesus preached a sermon, and afterward they were so offended they wanted to throw him off the cliff.  He went to Jerusalem (the big show) and first thing he did was go into the temple stirring up trouble.

His motto for his followers was extremely radical, “take up your cross and follow me”.  We water that down now in our time, because most of us do not relate to the threat of being crucified (similar to being lynched in post civil war times in America) because you are a Jew under the control of a larger empire. Mere subversive words, let alone action, could have you hanging on a tree. I could go on and on… my point is that Jesus was extremely controversial (especially with the powerful and comfortable).

I guess I struggle with what this calls us to in our time and context.  I know exactly what would logically be concluded as our proper response to imitating such a radical leader. I pretend like I don’t know the answer in hope of not wanting to be held accountable for not living up to that standard. Yet the call to follow Christ remains steadily before me.

Compared to many Christians I feel controversial, compared to Christ I feel Cowardly.  Freestyle with me… are you a trouble maker (and for what cause)? Or rather do you think we should all go along so that we can all get along? Finally, after mediating on Jesus’ example left for us, does that impact or shape your response?

Is race a factor in Health Care reform?

Race seems to always be a touchy subject on my blog. This is due partly because there is a wide variety of perspectives, ideologies, and theologies coming together to dialogue, which I think is a good thing.  Rather than avoiding it, I think continual dialogue is needed.  So I thought this video of Tim wise talking briefly on the subject could open up the discussion. Before anyone completely rips everything he says to shreds, please LISTEN first, and try to hear what he is saying.  Also lets all continue to work on being respectful to one another, treating one another with dignity.  Imagine us less worried about proving our point and supporting our parties ideology, and more concerned with building unity, understanding, and empathy, as we all move towards the goal of mutually benificial progress.  Freestyle with me, how has race impacted American politics?

Another perspective on Obama’s reforming of Health Care

Just wanted to share this article I read about Obama’s  failure to follow through on his original promises for Health Care that he got elected for.  And it leaves me thinking, when it comes to Health Care, are we our brothers keeper?  I have health care coverage, but should I fight to make sure that everyone has access to fair and quality coverage? We pursue right relationship with our creator, but are we also called to pursue right relationship with God’s creation as well?

Freestyle with me, how has your awareness of God impacted your views on access to health care for the poor and marginalized?

Flash back to Lauryn Hill’s call for true Hip Hop

I love this song, and obviously Lauryn Hill is one of Hip Hip’s finest artists.  I love the line “”music is supposed to inspire, so how come we ain’t gettin no higher”.  There have always been mainly two main streams of hip hop… why are the stereotypical performers the most popular, and what effect is music having on the psyche of the next generation? Freestyle with me…