Making Trouble…

Rugged Cross I was really struggling the other day and continue to do so. When I talk to a lot of Christians I feel like I am always “edgy” to some degree.  And I begin to wonder if I really ought to be so controversial.  I mean, we are the body of Christ, so why am I always stirring the pot. At times, it can seem devicive. And so I must wrestle with myself and my role I often play among the body of Christ.

On the other hand, I read about Christ according to the four gospels.  And Jesus while very much a loving person, was constantly creating moments of tension, acting out at times, and at times infuriating some of those around Him.  It seems clear that Jesus’ philosphy was comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. The religious, political, and economically powerful of his time were always being challenged whether directly or indirectly.  Jesus preached a sermon, and afterward they were so offended they wanted to throw him off the cliff.  He went to Jerusalem (the big show) and first thing he did was go into the temple stirring up trouble.

His motto for his followers was extremely radical, “take up your cross and follow me”.  We water that down now in our time, because most of us do not relate to the threat of being crucified (similar to being lynched in post civil war times in America) because you are a Jew under the control of a larger empire. Mere subversive words, let alone action, could have you hanging on a tree. I could go on and on… my point is that Jesus was extremely controversial (especially with the powerful and comfortable).

I guess I struggle with what this calls us to in our time and context.  I know exactly what would logically be concluded as our proper response to imitating such a radical leader. I pretend like I don’t know the answer in hope of not wanting to be held accountable for not living up to that standard. Yet the call to follow Christ remains steadily before me.

Compared to many Christians I feel controversial, compared to Christ I feel Cowardly.  Freestyle with me… are you a trouble maker (and for what cause)? Or rather do you think we should all go along so that we can all get along? Finally, after mediating on Jesus’ example left for us, does that impact or shape your response?


  1. notesalongthepath · August 30, 2009

    Wow, Drew. I read this three times and still don’t know what to say. What questions you do ask! But that’s the reason I appreciate who you are and what you do so much–because you move us out of our comfort zones. It really is something to follow a man-God who asks us to love unconditionally while shaking us to the core. Christ says the shadows of this world are not the real world, that to see the Light we must go with Him, to the best of our abilities, whatever they may be. It’s not about the stirring up of trouble, it’s about the going with Him, and if some trouble is stirred up along the way by this devotion, He carries that for us. It’s all about the Love, Him loving humanity, us loving Him and being His hands and feet. You are His, Drew, and a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do!

  2. freestyle · September 7, 2009

    Thanks for sharing… its always a pleasure to hear from you!

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