This is a place for those committed to radical discipleship, a public witness, and solidarity with oppressed people. Anti-Racist education and formation is taught. And following Jesus out of the entanglements of Christian supremacy and white supremacy are deep convictions. We believe God desires so much more from the Church than the frequently empty religiosity and hypocrisy we have become adjusted to. When we begin to envision God’s dream for us together, we can strive for the flourishing of all people by doing justice and the things that make for peace. Will you join us?

Radical Discipleship

Radical discipleship to Jesus refuses to distort and domesticate his life, teachings, death, and resurrection. It accepts the call to deny oneself, follow him, and accept the consequences that come from such faithfulness.

Public Witness

A Christian public witness rejects the temptation to privatize our faith to only matters of the heart. We are called to embody and make visible God’s reign on earth and to speak truth to power.


Christian solidarity must be Jesus-shaped. We identify and stand with those that Jesus did in his own day. We gladly link arms with those that are impoverished, vulnerable, oppressed, and marginalized. How we receive “the least of these” is how we receive Christ.

“Drew Hart has written the most challenging and enriching book that I have read in a very long time—a book brimming over with moral urgency, uncommon wisdom, and spiritual insight. At its core, it summons the church to do what the American church has seldom done—to discern and then burst the bonds of nationalism, capitalism, American exceptionalism, and white supremacy, and to embrace instead the revolutionary vocation of Jesus on behalf of marginalized people. But it goes beyond that summons to give us the tools we need to accomplish that task—a richer understanding of Jesus and the entire biblical text, penetrating insights into both Euro-American history and popular culture, and practical strategies the church can use if it hopes to serve as a liberating, redemptive force in our world.”

—Richard T. Hughes, author of Myths America Lives By: White Supremacy and the Stories that Give Us Meaning

“In this raw, honest, truth-telling book, Drew Hart offers himself his life, his story, his tears, his fire in the most vulnerable way in the hopes of interrupting the vulgar disposability of black lives in our society. This book is a gift from the heart of one of the sharpest young theologians in this country. Hold it carefully, and allow it to transform you and our blood-stained streets. Drew Hart’s Trouble I’ve Seen is a memoir in the tradition of the blues…it is theological blues…and it will move you to do something about the ugly residue of racism that still haunts us.”

Shane Claiborne, author of The Irresistible Revolution


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