Blogging from my HTC Touch Pro as I wait…

I am sitting at the auto shop, and we have watched the same CNN news play over and over again. If it replays through the same news one more time, my head might explode. Who would of thought that it would be a long wait just to get my oil changed and get a light changed.

However, i am enjoying the conversation with my philly neighbors…

One comment

  1. Anonymous · February 1, 2009

    Bloggin while I am waiting to play some spades!

    While the TV was trying to tell you the same old story over and over again, you had a chance to talk with the neighbors. How often do we engage in same old thang day after day while missing the opportunity to engage something or someone that is sitting right next to us. Thanks for the reminder to be patient in our situations and look for an opportunity to flo with our neighbors. Keep on bloggin!

    My first comment on a blogg eva, hopefully, I will be able to keep on.


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