If You Missed It Live, Here’s the Recording: #MennoNerdsOnRace Panel Video

We had an excellent conversation on Race, Racism, Injustice, Reconciliation, and how following Jesus should make a difference in a racialized society, while specifically considering how Anabaptist communities have been wrestling with these issues in North America. We dialogued about how we were all living and learning into a new way that renounced and resisted the current practices that support white control and domination in our Christian communities and movements. It was an excellent discussion with diversity of thought and insight that made the time rich and meaningful. Be sure to favorite the video and then find sometime to watch it (maybe in parts) or in one long sitting. And please share it with others, we hope it can be a resource to the Church at large, as it wrestles with these realities as followers of Jesus. We were also truly grateful for the great dialogue and questions we received from people through various social media forums. Excellent and sometimes difficult questions were asked. Likewise, look forward to other #MennoNerds conversations to be taking place in the future with other excellent voices chiming in on a variety of important topics that need to be taking place.

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