Christians in the midst of Imperial Political Debate (My Quick & Brief Thoughts)

So many Christians are bent out of shape because of the political atmosphere. Blood pressures are high, as though everything depended on the outcome of the coming election. It doesn’t matter if you are democrat or republican, the general consensus is that if “their” guy doesn’t get into office all hell will break loose in apocalyptic fashion. While I do vote and favor one of the politicians over the other, I am not a yessir boy for either. Most often I describe the political process for Christians as one in which we must choose the lesser of two evils. Both imperial choices are sooooo far distinct from the unique and peculiar Way of Jesus and his Kingdom, that it is inevitably a terribly horrific and scandalous distortion to Christ to even consider any choice as “Christian”. Both the republican and democratic party have always shared a more common ground with Blasphemous Babylon than God’s Kingdom.

Our justifications and reasoning in our minds reflects our inability to have any sort of theological vision, lacking all comprehensible grasps at the in-breaking messianic rule that completely stands in utterly drastic contrast to the world we live in. Again, I think that we should vote, because our vote may offer short, temporary relief, in very small yet tangible ways for people that are struggling. But this pursuit of minor reform for the world is not the Christian mandate, the Kingdom of God is not reform but revolt. It is a rejection of this world and the participation in an alternative community and ethics centered around the life, teachings, death and resurrection of Jesus.

All that said… lighten up. As Christians everything should not depend on the outcome of these elections, whoever you vote for. If you can’t laugh at (or sometimes cry over) the ridiculousness of it all, your foundation is off and needs to be re-evaluated. This is not a challenge to disengage, but rather to be engaged with a unique and peculiar orientation. Lord Jesus Come!


  1. Brian · October 7, 2012

    Very well written, as always Drew. Thanks so much!

    I’d like to hear more about you thoughts for the reason or need to vote. One of my biggest struggles has been the tension of a Kingdom economic vs. our western cultural one. As a community and people shaped by a narrative of loving the other/neighbor, how do we reconcile participating in a system that destroys our neighbor with systemic injustice? Drone planes and missile attacks? Crafting people in the image of money?

  2. Drew Hart · October 7, 2012

    Thanks Brian. As far as voting goes, we probably are not too different. I don’t think we NEED to vote. In fact, my recent advice to some folks has been that if they have found themselves too intertwined with partisan politics, then it might be best for them to sit out as Christians, so that they remain a called out people. However, with said, even while both parties are truly problematic, I still have to consider the real tangible issues and problems people are facing. Issues concerning healthcare, economy, taxes, etc, will have some impact on peoples lives. Given that, I think it is still good to vote, but that isn’t a strong conviction. Much more important than democratic responsibility is our prophetic calling as Christians.

    I guess to the heart of your question we have to consider if participating in a democratic process is necessarily equivalent to being apart of that system. It’s a fair question to wrestle with….

  3. Men of One Accord · October 7, 2012

    Why are people looking to a man for the answer to world problems, our country’s problems and not to our Lord Jesus Christ? Yes The state of the election is something to laugh about but still voting is needed to be done all. Great post!

  4. Marianne Modica · October 8, 2012

    What bothers me most is the inability of some to accept differing opinions among believers. So many of my friends seem to believe that there is one Christian opinion about a variety of issues, and, of course, it’s the opinion that they hold.

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