Now I Understand… I’m a Dad!!!

Yes I am a Dad, thank you very much. And this little guy has turned my world upside-down (in a good way, despite no sleep). I had heard comments referring to this from other fathers, they would say things like, “there is nothing like it”, and I kinda smile as I went about my business.  But from the moment my son was born, I get “IT”, and “IT” changes your life.

One thing that I definitively noticed, was when we were leaving the hospital yesterday to go home for the first time. Man, I had never driven my car so aware, and so carefully before in my life. I literally had the thought run through my head that if a car were about to hit us, that I would want to make sure my side takes the hit. It was right then that I understood now that I had “IT”, and that i’m a Dad now!!