Postcolonial Church???

I’ve been wondering what a post-colonial church would look like. What would it look like if Christian communities freed themselves from western cultural captivity. Any thoughts?


  1. NeoSoulist · November 7, 2010

    That is a big question. A big part of a post-colonial church would include power/control being equally distributed between people of various cultural backgrounds. And the expression and perspective of faith from cultures must be normed; I like to say we have to establish a culture of multi-culture. One of the elements in that would be a better understanding what is means to worship – in more than just musical difference – , style would become less important (though creating different emotions/experiences) and posture of our hearts and minds would be the emphasis and litmus. Missions would also become more like partnerships (something that is beginning to happen). There is so much more, but those are my initial thoughts.

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