VOICES: Responses to the Oscar Grant Trial Verdict

Some of what we can do best with our given influences and voices (whether small or large) is allow it to become a platform for other important voices to be heard.   Check this video out comprised of multiple voices and perspectives following the verdict and during the protest.


  1. Marc · July 29, 2010

    I am well aware that another Black man is dead, that is why I keep trying to get folks to stop making decisions that will place them in situtations to wind up dead. Over and over again we keep focusing on the wrong end. It’s TOO LATE to focus on the brother after he is dead. Why don’t we put the energy into keeping him alive. Responsibility and Accountability goes a long way in keeping folks from being in the circumstance of being shot unarmed or armed. No one is saying the officer was right, but what I am saying is the young man would not have been in the situation to be shot to begin with had he made better decisions. Why is that connection never made. We will keep having dead brothers if they keep making bad decisions. Until we are willing to deal with that, we will keep on hollering about justice. There was a time when a neighbor, or teacher, or minister or whoever could let a child know when they were doing wrong. In fact the parents encouraged folks to let them know when their children were doing wrong and they could not see them. Now many parents will curse you out when you tell them about something that their children did wrong. There was a time when the village really did raise the child. Now the village is scared to say anything because of the reaction of the child and their parents. Then when one of them gets killed, everyone wants to village to defend the bad choices. No sir, not me. The families have my sympathies in the loss of a loved one, but the support of the wrong decisions. No. That must stop if we are to be taken seriously. Otherwise, prepare yourself to keep having these same situations.

  2. Hannah · July 29, 2010

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