Intruder Alert

Just thought this was a intriguing comic on the whole Arizona Immigration law, given that land once belonged to Mexico.  Honestly, I think it is a complex issue and I refuse to fall into either the liberal or conservative camp on this one.  I liked what Robert Gelinas asked on his blog… not whether or not we agree with the law, but rather what Christian principles were people applying to arrive at an faithfully christian response.  Obviously, many people found scripture to justify both sides of the argument. I just wonder if God is pleased with either answer.  Ultimately, whatever our response is to the law, we must be convinced that it is a demonstration of our love to God and our love for others (specifically, undocumented immigrants).


  1. DR · May 2, 2010

    To no one in particular…
    Can you show the fruit of the Spirit and yet maintain a law abiding stance?
    If stopped by the police for a traffic violation or such can I not expect to have to provide ID? I went yesterday with my wife to an Open House at Princeton University and before we were let in we had to show a picture ID. Should I have cried foul?
    How did God bring His people into the land flowing with milk and honey? How did he bring them out of Egypt? How did the nationals in both places fare?
    If this land belongs to someone else, where should the rest of us go?
    Who will be willing to lead the way?

  2. Drew Hart · May 2, 2010

    Those are all fair points, however what i’m really looking for (but probably didn’t communicate it clearly enough) is what specific biblical principle should we as Christians apply to this situation to attempt to arrive at a “christian” response. For example, the biblical teaching of obeying the government or another principle is taking care of the aliens and strangers in the land. What are the primary biblical principles that you think are most relevant for this issue? Probably, as it seems you are suggesting, it is not an either or, but rather holding several principles up in tension.

  3. DR · May 2, 2010

    No, Dru, you were clear. and my first question was an expression of, as you have well said, “holding several principles up in tension.”

    I believe we can show compassion while still upholding laws that keep society from crumbling into anarchy.

    “Equal Justice” dispensed in a fair and compassionate manner is what I would say. Not social justice or political justice or racial justice… just plain old fair and equal justice.

  4. Drew Hart · May 3, 2010

    Oh ok, i got what ya saying. My guess, I’m not sure, but I have a feeling that if you asked people what was equal justice in this situation you would get different answers based on what side people were on. However it gets flushed out, I do think you are right in wanting to have some law upheld which benefits all and also respond compassionately. I do struggle with what a Christian ought to do when they see a law that they “believe” (it is personal opinion, i admit) is against God’s Kingdom. Some say submit, others say resist. It’s not easy, and I guess hopefully people are taking up either side in good conscience and conviction. Most of the time, I don’t hear that concern for God’s desire in either side… but it just might be from where I’m standing.

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