Phanatik – Love Does

This has always been one of my favorite Phanatik jams… Love Does!


  1. notesalongthepath · April 22, 2010

    Hi Drew, Sorry to paste this into a comment box, but I don’t have your email. You probably already know about this, but just in case, there’s a bill to create a million jobs:

    The economic crisis has hit Black folks especially hard — the unemployment rate is almost twice as high among African-Americans as among Whites. The picture is especially bleak for Black men — 19% are currently jobless.2

    Unless Congress does something big to create new jobs — and soon — the situation could just keep getting worse. Each wasted day means more lost jobs, more foreclosed homes, and more medical bankruptcies — all of which will drag the economy down even further.

    The Local Jobs for America Act (H.R.4812) would do a lot to help. The bill would allocate $75 billion for creating and saving 750,000 jobs, with the most funds going to economically depressed areas.3 It would allocate $25 billion to hire and retain teachers, police officers, and firefighters. Another $500 million would go to support on-the-job training programs.

    Will you join us in calling on Congress to support the Local Jobs for America Act, and ask your friends and family to do the same? It takes just a moment:

    Thanks and Peace,

    — James, Gabriel, William, Dani, Milton and the rest of the team
    April 22nd, 2010

  2. Drew Hart · April 23, 2010

    I actually had gotten an email about this… thanks for keeping me up on things though!

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