Should we be colorblind?


  1. jonolan · April 5, 2010

    It ends up being a bit convoluted. I’m colorblind in the sense that I don’t care about people racial genetics. I’m not, however, “culture blind” as base my initial opinions and expectations of people upon what culture they seem to identify themselves as being a part of.

    Yet, some cultures are essentially mono-racial so there’s at least a perceived overlap as various insults like, “Apple,” “Oreo,” and “Uncle Tom” give evidence of.

    Face it, if a Black dresses “street,” I’m going to assume he’s a thug and potential threat and treat him accordingly. Conversely, in many areas of the US, if a Black saw me dressed “redneck” they would equally assume I was a potential threat and treat me accordingly.

    In neither of the above examples is it about race; it’s about cultures – and not all cultures are equal, nor should all parts of all cultures be condoned as being valid parts of American society.

  2. DR · April 5, 2010

    In the clip, Terrance says it best.

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