Tom Skinner

I tend to have very different views than most black and white Christians I encounter or read. Few people embody much of my values, worldview, and beliefs as did Tom Skinner. He was a courageous evangelist who dared to both proclaim the good news and challenge injustice, of which he saw as inherently intertwined. While he has gone to be with the Lord, his ideas, books, and words live on. I am very grateful for him and others who have paved the way for folks like me. If you ever get a chance, read a book by Tom Skinner, you won’t be disappointed.


  1. DR · April 14, 2010

    I appreciate the fact that he was a very intelligent man, well rounded, bold gregarious and stuck to the simple message of salvation through grace by faith. Every time I turn around I see evidence of racism and I often wonder what should be done… Mr. Skinner’s answer was to keep things scripturally based. Laws can be passed one upon another but not until there is a change of heart will things change and Mr Skinner went about seeing to it that he was winning hearts as well as minds to Christ so that this would occur. I just Read “If Christ is the answer, what is the question” in one sitting and “Black and Free in two nights. He is that good a read.

  2. Drew Hart · April 15, 2010

    I love Tom Skinner… I think he best represents my “stream” of theology. I am not sure if you picked up on his theological growth since you read “Black and Free” last. But that was his earlier book, and “If Christ is the Answer…” was a later book. He really developed his theology much more by the time he wrote that. I am amazed, you read those books in less days than I did. I think I read “Black and Free” in one day, and “If Christ is the Answer” over a week. I think he has another one called “Words of Revolution”, or something like that. I will probably try to read it this summer during my break from school.

  3. EMMA ETUK · April 29, 2010

    Sister Skinner, I met you last at Howard years ago when I was a doctoral student. Would you be able to send me a copy of Words of Revolution as I have completed a manuscript on African Revolution? I will pay for the book which greatly influenced my life as a young Nigerian Christian years ago. I hope that you are in good health. My number is 301-333-8755.

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