Transformation Vs. Information

Have you ever ran into somebody who could quote the Bible like nobody’s business and simultaneously cut someone to pieces with their words as if they were a child of the devil? How is this so? How is it that someone can be so mean and nasty, while still having such a strong foundation in God’s Words?  Is it possible to be grounded theologically and to master the biblical text, while not bearing the likeness of Christ?

If so, maybe it has something to do with how we read our bible.  It seems very easy to read the bible only to gain knowledge and build up more information in our heads.  However, it is a completely different task to engage the bible spiritually, allowing God’s Word to shape and mold you into a new creation.  How do we read these inspired words in a way that it forms us into a people that reflect God faithfully as his children?

Is our biblical reading for transformation in our lives and communities or is it just more information that we can wield and use to impress others?  Are we allowing God’s word to master us, letting it rearrange our lives to be in line with Him, or do we try to master God’s Word so that we can use it for our purpose and for our own agenda? Freestyle with me…