Getting into the Rhythm

I have been trying to get back into the Rhythm of Philadelphia. As a city, Philly is culturally different than Harrisburg, so moving back means readjustment and relearning. Cities each have their own unique organic qualities about them. Where are the people, where do they gather, what is unique about the language, food, styles, and approach to life that is specific to that region.

It would be so easy to miss some of the less noticeable differences of one hood with another. However, urban is a broad category, which holds a plethora of subcultures, especially moving from region to region. (Even when the cities are only 2 hours apart like in my case).

My desire is to naturally flow with the rhythm of the city. As Christians, we all should want to have a pulse on our neighborhoods. How do we become organically woven into the fabric of our neighborhoods, in such a way that we can naturally engage folks as insiders and not as outsiders. We need to be finding the rhythm of our community. Sometimes we will miss a beat or two. But once you catch the rythym, then it’s time to flo with the beat.

Jesus found our rhythm when he gave up everything to be like us. He wanted to engage us where we were at, empathize with our struggles, he took on our rhythms of life, so he could connect with us on deeper levels.

With that I am continually listening for the beat… Getting into the Rhythm.


  1. Scattered Mind · January 15, 2009

    Peace brother…I’m definitely feeling the blog. I look forward to reading and commenting on your future posts.

  2. Freestyle Theologian · January 15, 2009

    That’s wassup fam, I figured I would give blogging a try, a few friends thought I would like it… So here I am. Look forward to bouncing ideas with ya bro. Grace and Peace.

  3. Thankful Paul · January 16, 2009


  4. Freestyle Theologian · January 16, 2009

    Hey wassup Paul, how are you?

  5. Rosi · January 16, 2009

    I miss rap fest. Let’s do that again…

  6. Freestyle Theologian · January 20, 2009

    Yeah, we definitely should!

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