A Run through the Black Experience in America

Check this video out (and yes this seems to have been made right when Obama becomes President, which is why he is such a huge part at the end.)

What do you think? (This post is not meant to be political about Pres. Obama, but the black american experience in totality)

No More Religious Frontin (video)!

This video doesn’t exist

A lot of religious frontin goes on in the church. Decide what you want “A Religious Front or Spiritual Depth”. Here is my most recent sermon…

Freestyle with me…

Luke 6:46 is calling you out!

I am convinced that the American church has lost its way. We are so enslaved by materialism and entrenched with a consumeristic mindset, that we fail to see how much we have watered down the faith. American Evangelicals think they have it all figured out, but it is my conclusion that we (evangelicals) have the most diluted expression of the Christian faith globally.

We talk a good game, we go to church, we carry around fancy Life Applications Bibles, listen to some christian radio and music, and talk in our our inner club language, christianese. Yet when it comes to obeying and imitating Christ’s actual teachings, we are MIA. In fact, the most offensive thing someone can do these days is qoute Jesus in a church.  We love Paul, but we can’t swallow Christ.  Must we really love our enemies, be peacemakers, turn the other cheek, deny ourselves, pursue justice, and care for the least of these in our society?

No, instead we will call Jesus Lord but disregard his actual teachings.   But then Luke 6:46 jumps out and smacks the chap off our lips. Check it out…

We Are The World 2010

I liked the new version overall… but to be honest, I thought Lil Wayne, and some of the other brothas using autotune to sing was real weak. Not trying to sound like an old man, but we are the world ought to have been about talent.  The black R&B singers represented well, aside from Wyclef, Kanye, and Will.I.AM, the rappers were whack (don’t get me started on that corny rap chant)!  What u think, freestyle with me…