March 4th, 1968


Everytime I am in Memphis and go to the Lorraine Motel I get emotional. Standing there where King was shot always takes me into the moment. All I feel is loss… loss of this leader, OUR leader, who was taken from us. King died at the young age of 39 leaving us wondering what other great accomplishments he would achieved in his life. He would never get the chance to grow old, instead he was killed while fighting for the rights of garbage workers.


  1. notesalongthepath · June 25, 2010

    You know, Drew, I often ask, “Why are the great ones lost to us–by murder?” In MLK Jr’s case, I’ve wondered if he didn’t sacrifice himself for the very point he was trying to make. No greater love…

    • Drew Hart · June 28, 2010

      I defintely think he knew he was going to eventually have his life taken from him as he nonviolently pursued justice and peace. He basically had preached himself through the fear of death the night before he died, with his famous i’ve been to the mountaintop speech. It’s a powerful life statement when you are willing to die for something you believe in.

  2. notesalongthepath · June 29, 2010

    None more powerful.

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